V Exclusive: Solar Addresses Twitter/Email Hacker


Yesterday, VIBE introduced you to the man of mystery who was responsible for hacking Solar’s Twitter and email account. Since Guru’s tragic passing, the hip-hop community has been riddled with unanswered questions and continue to speculate the credibilty of the only other party claiming to be the link between the legendary MC and the outside world. Here, Solar speaks. Mikey Fresh

VIBE: Can you clear up exactly what happened with your Twitter account the other day?

Solar: There definitely was a hack and we’ve seen some emails but they’re not the complete emails. They were edited to some degree and just portions of full emails. And they definitely were private documents which are… Basically, the documents were manipulated to trash my reputation. I really can’t speak on the specifics because obviously there was a multitude of crimes committed here—some of which are federal and the authorities are now involved.

Do you think it was someone you knew personally that was being vindictive?

I’m not really sure about it, and I’m really not at liberty to say, but I do know that there was an AllHipHop.com article where I believe they were essentially owning into it. They seemed like they know more about it than I do. I just hope that this is just another case of a celebrity being targeted at random.

Can you confirm which documents were real?

Well, even some of the stuff that’s accurate has been largely manipulated, so it’s hard to speak on it but a lot of the stuff that has been put on Twitter has been fake.

The hip-hop community was also stunned to see in these alleged hacked emails that you pushed to postpone Guru’s surgery to tour in Europe. Is that true?

There’s no truth to that at all and no validation from me on that. All the tours that were booked were done so ahead of time. The fact is, when Guru had surgery, it was actually preempted, or rushed, because he had a car accident which aggravated the place where his cancer was at. It was almost like emergency surgery. So we were already certain that when we got back from Europe, Guru would have the surgery. We were looking for alternative ways to combat the cancer and surgery was one option. So that is a complete lie. The surgery was caused from a car accident and we have all the medical documents to prove that­. Everything was geared to get Guru better and back to his career. He loved his fans, the music and he was living a very functional life. It wasn’t until his last days and weeks that we began to understand he may not be able to live a productive life. Guru had the best care from the best doctors.

DJ Premier recently stated that he went to see Guru before he passed and he looked really uncared for—even mentioning that his finger nails were grossly over grown. How do you respond to that?

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