#2 MJ Dance Video of All Time (TIE)

#2 – “Bad” (TIE)


This black and white (and color) Martin Scorcese directed clip featured a young Wesley Snipes in a the short film half of it, and an unrelentless, West Side Story inspired kick-butt dance sequence in the music video portion. The New York City filming locale of Brooklyn’s Hoyt Schermerhorn subway station gave Bad a 80s grittiness that couldn’t be replicated. And of course, it was the first time MJ asked and answered the question, “Who’s bad?”



#2 – “Ghosts” (TIE)


It’s the theme of Thriller revised in this horror short featuring Mos Def and directed by The Wiz makeup artist Stan Winston. This time around, MJ doubles as a mysterious outsider to a town and an citizen outraged by him (MJ in a fat suit), and ghouls, ghosts and goblins are abound in this clip buoyed by blue screen and CGI special effects. But Ghosts also rocks solid in the dance department as well, with lots of old school hoofing, funky squats and spins abound. Jackson was nearly 40 when this film short was released but brought the dancing A-game of a sprightly teenager.


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