The 2010 BET Awards: A Family Affair With Tributes to MJ, Gary Coleman and Prince

The 2010 BET Awards was a family affair for it’s 10th anniversary in more ways than one with Diddy and son Christian and stepson Quincy, Jada Pinkett Smith with daughter Willow and son Jaden and the T.I. and Tiny family clan all working the red carpet.

Comedian Tony Rock revealed that he’s teaming up with big brother Chris, for a comedy tour summer in 2011. “I’m looking forward to it so I can show my superiority on stage,” jokes Rock. “But I gotta go first (open up the show) because Chris has like 20 million under the belt. We’ll call it the Rock the World tour, Rock Squared, or something like that.”

But everyone was abuzz about the tributes for the evening. After Flo Rida squashed hookup rumors about he and Brandy, “Much love to Brandy, but I’m not dating her— I am single,” he then professed his love for the King of Pop. “I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson he’s an inspiration to people around the world.”

Actor Todd Bridges, who both presented at the show and spoke onstage about his former Diff’rent Strokes co-star Gary Coleman, hoped that despite the circus surrounding the aftermath of Coleman’s death that people would remember his childhood friend in the best light.

“I’m hoping that God will shine his light and let people realize that Gary was a great kid who unfortunately he had some difficulties growing up,” says Bridges. “The 2010 BET Awards is celebrating Michael Jackson, Prince and Gary Coleman, because Gary was the biggest child star of all time and no one will be able to top that.”

 And of course, all the celebs were very excited about the 2010 BET Awards Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Prince getting his long overdue props.  N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams, whose currently on tour all summer long in promotion for their new album which hits stores September 7th, called the Purple Rain star, “The King, one hundred percent.” But perhaps Lottery Ticket star Naturi Naughton put the enthusiasm level for his royal badness in the best perspective. “Oh my goodness! I’m just excited to be in the same building with Prince!” —Ronke Idowu Reeves