6 Reasons Being Diddy’s Kid Isn’t Such A Bad Thing (pg. 2)

1. You would automatically be set for life
Money may not be able to buy happiness—but it can buy big-screen TVs, Xboxes, iPods, and just about anything else under the sun. In February, Diddy even presented his oldest son Justin with a $360,000 Mercedes Maybach for his 16th birthday, proving once and for all that he’s definitely not shy about spoiling his kids. So while he may not be able to spend a lot of time with you, you can rest assured that he can be a lot of money on you. With Diddy as your dad, money is the last thing you’d need to worry about. 

2. You would actually want to hear all of his “work stories”
Do most of your dad’s stories about his job start with, “So, Bill from accounting…”? Um, yeah. As funny as those stories might be, there’s a pretty good chance Diddy can top them all—in a single day. Picture it now: “So I woke up after a wild night of tantric sex, and I was pretty beat so I had my chaffeur pick me up in my Rolls-Royce and take me over to the Bad Boy office. Then, I called into the radio station to talk to Angie Martinez and a guy I used to work with threatened to throw a refrigerator off a skyscraper on top of me. That made me pretty hungry so I made my interns walk to Brooklyn to get me cheesecake. And then I was bored so I hopped on my jet and flew to Paris and….” Damn, slow down, dad—you’re killing ‘em!

3. You would have way more Twitter followers than you do now
Still trying to use #FF to bring your number of Twitter followers up over a G? You wouldn’t have to worry about it if Diddy was your pops. First, he’d use his Twitter and hit you off with a #FF on a Monday just because he felt like it and get some of his 2.6 million followers to follow you. Then, he’d holla at his boy @aplusk and get him to #FF you on a Wednesday (again, just because he can…) and get some of his 5 million followers to follow you, too. Now, that’s what we called a Verified Account.

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