6 Reasons Being Diddy’s Kid Isn’t Such A Bad Thing (pg. 3)

4. You would get to hang out with girls like Cassie and Nicki Minaj on the regular
If you’re one of Diddy’s daughters, this probably isn’t a huge draw. But if you’re Quincy, Justin, Christian or Chance? You’re thanking your dad every day for the opportunity to rub elbows with the flyest females in hip-hop. Most guys have posters of these chicks on their bedroom walls; you’re eating Lucky Charms and telling them about your day. WIN!

5. You would know what really happened between Tupac and Biggie
No matter how many stories get done on the relationship that existed between ‘Pac and B.I.G. before their untimely murders, the whole truth will probably never get out. But if Diddy was at the head of your dinner table, you’d literally have all the answers sitting right in front of you. What did Biggie really think about ‘Pac? Did either rapper think their beef would turn violent? Did B.I.G. really have anything at all to do with ‘Pac’s 1994 shooting? You could learn hip-hop history—from your living room! How cool would that be?!

6. You would never have to appear on a show like I Want to Work for Diddy
Concerned about your future? Don’t be. Get a college degree—or don’t. Intern at a record label—or don’t. Work your ass off to get ahead in the world—or don’t. Because at some point, Diddy is handing you the keys to the Bad Boy empire and letting you handle the next generation of BB artists. ‘Cause you know what the Combs motto is, right? Can’t stop, won’t stop.

See: Being Diddy’s kid isn’t all that bad—is it?

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