6 Reasons Being Diddy’s Kid Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

Apparently, P. Diddy isn’t a very good daddy. At least, that’s what reporter Martin Basher insinuated on ABC’s Nightline on Friday night during a taped interview with Sean “Diddy” Combs. Aside from discussing the Bad Boy 4 Life’s new movie, Get Him to the Greek, and his career as a music mogul, Bashir took aim at Diddy’s parenting skills, suggesting that Diddy was setting a bad example for his kids by fathering six children by multiple women.

Bashir did have some good points. For instance, he got Diddy to admit that he doesn’t spend as much time with his kids as he should. But if you really think about, it’s gotta be pretty awesome to call Diddy your dad. From the financial security to the jet-setting lifestyle, being Diddy’s kid can’t be all that bad. And to prove it, we came up with six reasons we wouldn’t mind calling Diddy our daddy.—Chris Yuscavage