Anything But My Album: Teairra Mari Talks Drunken Nights & Nicki Minaj Crush

There’s more to Teairra Mari then just warm vocals and a glossy pout. Although the 22-year-old is (finally) readying the August release of her sophomore effort At That Point, VIBE decided to check in with T to discuss anything but her album.

Interview by:
Tracy Garraud



VIBE: Rate Drake’s singing from 1-10.
Teairra Mari: I would have to give him a seven or eight because all his notes are really on. That’s what it’s about. You don’t have to know how to sing like Aretha Franklin or Patti Labelle to be a good singer. As long as you’re on key and you have a good rhythm… that’s what makes a good singer. It’s all about the notes. 

Got any hidden talents?
I can make my feet touch my head. You know that little lean back thing [Laughs] people do in the circus when they make their toes touch their heads. It’s a backwards bend, but you’re laying on your stomach and you bend your back and your feet all the way to reach your head. I can do that really good [and] I can put my leg around my head too. I’m very flexible.

Your sponsor must enjoy that.
[Laughs] Yeah.

Did you do gymnastics as a young’un?
No, I’ve just always been flexible. The first time I did anything flexible, I was having this dance contest with somebody and I love to win so I didn’t even know if I could do splits, but as soon as she started to do them really good I jumped into the splits really hard like Pow! 

Did you win the contest?
Oh yeah. It was over after that. 

Who’s your white girl crush?
Megan Fox! I think she’s gorgeous. She’s had the right [plastic surgery] done because I saw before and after pictures… 

Yeah girl, Google it [Laughs].

And she still counts?
If you get the wrong work people judge you, but if you get the right work, why hate?

Who’s your black girl crush?