'Basketball Wife' Gloria Govan: 'That Was A Small Chapter In My Life'

I didn’t watch the [Basketball Wives] reunion because I just feel like I’m so out of the loop already not having watched the series. And I just figured I wouldn’t entertain the idea of probably having four girls talk about me while I’m not there. I’m over it. That was a small chapter in my life and I don’t want to be involved in season two if the same girls are involved.

I just felt that having been approached by Shaunie about the show so long ago and and what we initially heard the show was going to be about and how we saw them play some of the girls?it wasn’t good. There definitely wasn’t a good vibe and it wasn’t anything I wanted to be involved in. I wanted to show strong independent women that were educated and classy. I didn’t want to be involved in throwing drinks in groupies’ faces and all the other unnecessary drama. I didn’t feel like it was a good representation. I was disappointed in Shaunie and I was disappointed with how they ended up putting the whole project together.

I can’t say I was genuinely friends with Shaunie. I had her number in my phone but we never talked or texted or anything like that. It never really went to anything past that so I can’t say that we were really friends. We were cordial to each other. My fiancé and her husband played for the same team in Phoenix last year but even then, we didn’t really get a chance to hang out and be buddy, buddy, unless it was something major like the whole team was getting together. I think our relationship fell apart when she didn’t realize that family is family. It will always be that way with me. And I think she didn’t realize I wasn’t going to give that up to be friends with her [or] to be associated with her. I think she’s so used to people bowing down or submitting to whatever she says that when someone finally stood up and said, “I’m good with just being who I am and I love my family and I’m not going to give that up for you,” I think that kind of surprised her. She didn’t understand where I was coming from and that I wasn’t going to budge regardless of how she felt.


"I can’t say I was genuinely friends with Shaunie... Our relationship fell apart when she didn't realize that family is family."


Matt told me the gist of what he said on Twitter and I agree. I think he’s definitely very valid for what he had to say. I think it surprised him as well with how immature she’s been handling the situation. It’s just as simple as Gloria and I aren’t friends and stating her side and just leaving it at that. But I think the low blows she’s been trying to give and the ignorant comments she’s been making?I think it’s unnecessary on her end being that she’s almost 40.

I think all of the women were like, “Shaunie said we should be friends with Royce,” “Shaunie said we should be nice to Gloria.” It was a lot of Shaunie said. I felt like it was the new Simon Says. So I definitely think they took the opportunity to gang up on the black sheep, because, again, I wasn’t going to budge. I didn’t care if Shaunie had accepted me in their little click or if they wanted to be friends with me so I think they were all just taken aback by it and they just took the opportunity to jump on the independent one. It’s a very high school, mean girls clickish sort of thing.

With Royce, I think it was a lot of people in the ear with he said she said. Producers definitely tried to play it up or would tell Royce, “Gloria doesn’t want you around” or “Gloria doesn’t want you to do this.” And that wasn’t necessarily the case. I told Royce in the beginning, given Matt’s circumstances with Dwight [Howard] being on the same team?championship, team comraderie, I’m not going to jeopardize that for you so if you do want to hang out, we can do so outside of you coming to my house and getting Matt involved type of thing. In the beginning she understood but then I think people started getting into her ear and saying that it was backstabbish and it just got messy.

Now I’m just focusing on being the president of Athletes Vs. Cancer, that’s Matt’s foundation and we just want to get that up and off the ground and make it into something that we can lean on when Matt retires and something that becomes an international lane. And I’m starting a foundation?my sister and I. It’s something where young women in unfortunate circumstances?and not even just to help them financially, but to educate them and let them know it’s not about giving yourself up, you have to value yourself.

I know a lot of people might think that I’m stuck up because I don’t have this "I don’t give a shit" type of attitude?excuse my language?but I just think it’s important that, especially for women, that you have to stand up for what you believe in. It’s tough world out there. I’m definitely going to be independent. I’m definitely going to be strong willed. First and foremost, I’m always going to be a mother and a sister. I’m very family oriented, so I just want people to realize that it’s not that I don’t care; it’s that my priorities are my priorities. I’m going to continue to be who I am and I’m not going to change so that other people accept me because at the end of the day, they’re not the ones who are important. ?As Told To Starrene Rhett


Gloria Govan recently hosted the Louis Vuitton Grand Opening in Orlando on Thursday (June 17) and raised up to $140,000 for the Beta Center.

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