Battle Of The Sexes: Bloggers Debate Slim Thug’s Blog About Black Women


It looks like Slim Thug has the Internet going nuts over his comments about Black women on his VIBE blog, sparking cries of “Slim Thug doesn’t care about Black women-people.” Does the Houston rapper have a point or should he sit down? We grabbed a few relationship bloggers to offer their take on Slim’s provocative perspective.

SAYS THE SINGLE GIRL (Says The Single Girl): Black women are some of the most two-faced people on earth. One day they want to know why they are single. The next day they claim they are happy being single. Sure, @SlimThugga’s words were harsh but there was some truth to what he was saying. Of all the chicks on Twitter looking to cut his balls off I’m sure a good percentage of them would talk to him if approached. Why? He’s got (some) money and he has status. Two of the things that sit high on the Black woman’s list o’things her “good Black man” needs to have. I also believe that the backlash wouldn’t have been as bad if he didn’t compare Black women to White women. If he ended it with “Black women are a hot mess but I love them anyway,” it would have been all good. It’s the White woman thing that makes the cut deeper.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me because unlike most Black women I’ve taken full responsibility for being single. There are things women do or don’t do to push a man away. When Steve Harvey writes a book about it, Black women make him a New York Times bestseller. When Slim Thug says it, Black women want to boycott VIBE and kill Slim Thug. Black women, if you are single look in the mirror and figure out why (Slim lists a lot of the reason. You just have to shift through the verbal jabs). Don’t hate a man because he’s saying–in a language you don’t agree with–that “he’s just not that into you.”

SBM (SingleBlackMale): Before writing this, I know my comments will not be well received by the female Black populace, but I value myself on the truth and not what makes people happy… So f* it. While prented in a un-diplomatic manner, Slim has some valid points. Putting White women on a pedestal while bashing our Strong Black Women is faulty at best, but if you manage to look past some of the ignorance, he manages to point out a few of the things that one too many Black men have complained about over the past couple of years. And just like those before him, his words will fall on deaf ears and he will be drug over the coals. Long story short, there are a lot (but definitely not all) black women whose outlandish demands are poisioning Black love.

Whether it is minimum height requirements, salary specifications, or “swag” needs, a lot of good Black men are passed up and dismissed over childish and poorly thought out “needs”. Slim’s words need polish (to say the least), but the fact that so many Black men see their female counterparts as “gold-digging,” “drama filled” and too much trouble hurts us all. And unlike popular belief, it’s not just an issue of us men stereotyping.There are plenty of good Black women, but the bad ones make it hard for them. Instead of getting mad, I challenge the angry one’s offended at his word to a little introspection. You’re not that flawed, but a little bit of improvement will make a world of difference.

AMANDA DIVA ( Of course I don’t agree with all of Slim’s thoughts. Specifically the notion that white women are “better” than Black women. However, I do agree with some of his points specifically on many women’s skewed ideas of monetary dependency, many Black mens’ money mismanagement, and 50/50 being given in relationships. Overall, what I think he was trying to say was that he feels that many Black women define themselves and their men by unfair and surface standards based on status and material things and he feels like they should look more to supporting successful Black men than exploiting them. We would all be remiss to find offense when we know full well that there are a legion of sistas out there who do that very same thing (ex. Teairra Mari’s new song-“Sponsor” (smh!)) thus making it difficult for those of us who actually are genuine in not only our love but also our independence. I know Slim to be a good guy with a good heart. I think he simply could’ve chosen better words to get his point across.

JOZEN CUMMINGS (Until I Get Married): Let’s keep it real, people aren’t getting mad at what Slim Thug said, because whether or not we disagree, folks say this kind of thing all the time. The real issue people have is that it was a rapper named Slim Thug who said it, but why is that a problem? As Slim Thug said, “The way Black people think in general is messed up” and nowhere is this truer than the area of relationships. We’ll take advice from Hill Harper, one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, or Steve Harvey, a famously divorced comedian, but not from a rapper named Slim Thug? Get out of here. If Thugga put any of what he said over a hot beat, you all would be dancing to it, so don’t discriminate because a rapper put some words together outside of a verse. Slim Thug’s point is just as valid as anyone else’s because it’s relative to his own experiences, and if you disagree with it, let it be because your experiences are different from his. It’s all English, people.


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