Blogger’s Circle: Alicia & Swizz (Pg. 2)

KAREN CIVIL ( “I’m a person who believes in marriage vows being sacred… It’s down right intolerable how this situation played out on Twitter and in the press. He was dealing with Alicia while he had a wife at home and a son to raise. The ink on the divorce papers isn’t even dry yet and he already is in the process of marrying and impregnated someone else. He lied and cheated without regard for his wife and child. The same way you got him will be the same way you loose him. Mashonda, I suggest you call Jennifer Aniston and do lunch.”

SAM ( “Though I personally feel people shouldn’t judge situations they know little about, it’s pretty much established that they will! What this likely means for Alicia is that her notoriously guarded private life is set to be dragged into soap-opera domain. While her A* PR team ensured she weathered the storm of ‘Mashonda-Gate,’ I kinda doubt she’ll be so lucky this go-round. Do I think it’s the end of her career? No. The strong body of work she has established over the last 10 years has made sure of that. However, there will be continued scrutiny and side-eyeing by many who feel that the Keys who once sang about ‘Karma’ and being a ‘Superwoman’ is looking somewhat hypocritical these days.”

THAT GIRL ( “You want to root for love. You want to say if Swizz Beatz wasn’t happy in his marriage he should have the right to move on. But the problem with the whole Swizz Beatz / Alicia Keys / Masonda affair is: Swizz Beatz watchers know how this is going to end. Just look at his history. When Swizz married Mashonda in 2004, his oldest son Nasir [from a previous relationship] was 3 years old. Now here he is again leaving another 3 year old [his son with Mashonda], and is already pregnant with his next child. When Swizz and Alicia’s baby turns 3, watch and see: He’ll be on to the next one. The Numbers don’t lie. It’s obvious Swizz Beatz likes the chase, but not so much what comes with it.”

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