Blogger’s Circle: Can Charles Hamilton Make A Come Back?

MEKA (2DopeBoyz): In this world, anything is possible. Charles has seemed to have gotten the momentum back under his legs after last year’s masterful fall from grace. Now it’s up to him to see if he can take things to the next level. With the right song, he can also sell a couple hundred thousand copies of his album as his “freshmen” contemporaries have previously done, if that means anything these days. I think a combination of having too many “yes men” in his camp and the usual pressures of trying to be a successful artist threw him off course, but if there’s any advice I could give him it’d be to plan your work and work your plan; nobody wants to only be known as “that Sonic the Hedgehog guy who got punched in the face by a girl.”

MICHAEL “ICE BLUE” HARRIS (Hip-Hop Wired): I think “comeback” is a strong word because I don’t think he was ready to come out and make his mark as people were predicting in the first place. I thought it was premature then and I don’t think he managed to really break beyond the New York market. At the time he was expected to come out, New York was looking for anything new to throw the building behind and he was the first thing that came along that with was “different” from what most would expect from a New York MC. Maybe a lil’ too different with the pink and the Sonic the Hedgehog mascot. Advice: Keep grinding and keep building your buzz up. Being big on the Internet doesn’t guarantee success when it comes to sales. It’s a few artists out here in Atlanta that are known and think they are stars too but once they leave The A, they see that the star isn’t that bright. Same applies to Charles. Get on a plane (tour bus) like Wiz Khalifa and start touring the country and get a real account of your following so you’ll know how to really strike when it’s time.

LOWKEY (YouHeardThatNew): Charles’ early success hit his head way to quick. He started off extremely strong with his mixtape series on all the blogs but I have no idea what happened after that. Maybe it was when he got sucker punched during his battle with that chick, I don’t know. It was rumors of drug abuse, but I would LOVE to think Charles is capable to understand that narcotics aren’t cool anymore. Now, we just don’t believe his story. And I don’t think it’s we don’t believe it; it’s more so the case of if we give him the attention and patience again what will he do with it? Drake, B.O.B., Asher, and Cudi played their respective lanes and they played them well. I strongly advise Charles to dump that Pink/Sonic BS and revamp his image. But what do I know, I’m just a blogger. Good luck, Chuck!


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