Blogger’s Circle: Chris Brown (Pg. 2)

SAM (That Grape Juice): Chris Brown is back. It really is as simple as that. After that performance, I’d put good money on his next album going platinum. Though some remain cynical, for the masses it seems as though a genuinely raw display of emotion is what they sought from him to dissolve his past transgressions (as opposed to the countless label ordered “I’m sorry” interviews). Pairing that with his undeniable talent, which really took centre-stage on Sunday, it really was a win-win for all. The public “got back” the Chris Brown they love, and Chris Brown effectively “got back” his career. As to whether I agree with those deeming the whole thing a PR stunt, I don’t – although I see where such sentiments may come from. Indeed, many a movie-writer couldn’t have written as good an ending as the one which played out (Chris in fits of tears, as Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” fades out on the word “change”). However, like many, I saw a crying Chris Brown who was truly remorseful, and wanting to show the world that he has learned from his mistakes. It appears he now has that chance to.

KAREN CIVIL (Karen Civil): I still don’t understand why he was crying?!  Was he channeling Rihanna after he beat the mess out of her? It couldn’t have been from remorse, but from receiving unexamined love at the BET Awards. What chance does Chris have when the Yes Men in his life cement their positions by perpetuating his victimhood over hers..Nevertheless, I hope one day he displays true maturity and people can find it in thier heart to forgive him. I haven’t but I can.

J.D. ANDERSON (The Life Files): You can’t deny the level of talent that Chris Brown has if you watched his 2010 BET Awards performance this past week paying tribute to Michael. Jackson. When we saw him break down during his “Man In The Mirror” performance, we didn’t think it was the coolest thing to do until we considered some key facts. He wasn’t allowed to perform last year, he’s certainly lost a certain number of fans due to poor CD sales, and the song seemed to strike a nervous chord for Brown who is in the process of rebuilding his career. At that point we figured, hey the tears could be real making us like him even more. We all know he made a terrible mistake that he has to live with for the rest of his life, but should his talent suffer for it?Take a breather and reemerge with new music and a new perspective on life, and watch those tweets and sure…. Chris Brown could come back big!

Do you agree with our bloggers? Has Chris Brown made a step in the right direction or does he still have a long way to go?


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