Blogger’s Circle: Did Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Do The Unthinkable?

Ever since folks found out about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s secret (?) romance, some fans have looked at both parties in a different light, even calling her a home-wrecker throwing around the H word. On top of that, news broke last week that the couple is not only planning a wedding but also expecting a bundle of joy. How does Mashonda feel? We don’t know (yet). But the streets are talking. Has Alicia done irreversible damage to her image in the name of love? VIBE called on a few gossip gurus to weigh in on this love TKO.

B. SCOTT ( “Scandals involving celebrities are always tricky because as outsiders we never know the full story. If Alicia & Swizz did in fact start their affair while he was still married to Mashonda, then my question for Alicia would be how do you expect God to bless your union when you destroyed someone else’s to get it? But if the marriage was already over when Alicia and Swizz started seeing each other then even though it’s not ideal, it’s more understandable. Let’s face it, new love can happen at anytime but it’s how we deal with our pre-existing relationships that determines whether or not the karma police will be paying us a visit.”
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FRESH ( “I’m trying to come up with something witty to say about these two but they just bore the fuck out of my soul. SMH. I just hope Mashonda gets a BET show out of all this. You know she is circling their block as we speak.”
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KAREN CIVIL ( “I’m a person who believes in marriage vows being sacred… It’s down right intolerable how this situation played out on Twitter and in the press. He was dealing with Alicia while he had a wife at home and a son to raise. The ink on the divorce papers isn’t even dry yet and he already is in the process of marrying and impregnated someone else. He lied and cheated without regard for his wife and child. The same way you got him will be the same way you loose him. Mashonda, I suggest you call Jennifer Aniston and do lunch.”

MISS JIA ( “Oh, to be a fly on Mashonda’s wall right now. I’m sure that most would say that she doesn’t care but after her Twitter rant and ultimate deletion of her (initial) account, I don’t believe it. And while I’m definitely a fan of Alicia Keys’ sound and overall appeal, I do think that this whole situation definitely casts a different light on her. To be a woman who consistently preaches about women empowering themselves and making this world a better place but dating (and having a child by) a man who’s ink is barely dry on those divorce papers? AND out of wedlock? I am NOT passing judgment because situations like this go on everyday in many of our own families. She did have a song called ‘karma’ though. This isn’t to say that I wish her any bad luck or hurt with the future of her child…but sometimes, we need that reminder that says ‘how you get them just might be how you lose them.’ Good luck with that though.
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