Blogger’s Circle: Where Does Chris Brown Go From Here?

Yeah, we know, you’re tired of talking about Chris Brown. But VIBE’s relaunch issue cover boy is a complex dude stuck in an even complex-er situation: career purgatory. All his issues came to a head on Sunday (June 27) during his Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Awards when the singer broke down in front of thousands, crying and sniffling through “Man in the Mirror.” Whether Chris was genuinely crying out for help, just connecting to the music or appeasing publicists, the emo was definitely on full blast. VIBE asked some top bloggers for their two cents on whether Breezy is one step closer to getting back to the top.


FRESH (Crunk + Disorderly): Heartfelt or contrived, Chris Brown hit the reset button on his career Sunday night. Point blank period. In a matter of minutes the same individuals who pegged him out to be a villain were converted to platinum card carrying Team Breezy members. What can you do? If people can not only forgive Marion Barry after he was busted smoking crack in a hotel room  but go on to re-elect him as mayor of Washington D.C. nothing surprises me about how easily public opinion can be changed with an apology. Bogus or not.

MISS JIA (Miss Jia): I think that Chris Brown showed raw emotion during his BET performance. Of course, there will be those who will say that it was staged or show little to no sympathy for him but that’s how judgmental people operate. I am not one who supports domestic violence but I am a huge supporter of letting a person live and learn from their mistakes. I am NOT God and neither are Chris’ stone throwers. He messed up, he SEEMS apologetic. Let that man move on! Rihanna has.

NATASHA (YBF): Let’s face it. Everybody’s heart BROKE as soon as they realized Chris couldn’t sing because he was sobbing so hard during “Man In The Mirror.” It made him human again, not the monster most people have made him out to be for over a year now. This dude has done everything short of donning Mother Theresa’s habit to apologize for his actions. We forgive certain celebs for some of the wildest sh*t, so I think Chris has a pretty good chance of officially being back in the good graces of America. It would be wrong to let him waste that undeniable talent. The people who truly deserved the apology have already forgiven him, so who are we not to? Chris is back, and certain shirtless crooners should be scared they’ll get their crowns jacked. Get ready…

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