Bow Wow On Diggy’s Diss: ‘It’s Flattering Because It Lets Me Know How Much Of A Prince I [Am]’

VIBE got on the jack with Cash Money’s newest recruit to chat infrequent talks with DrakeDiggy’s diss, visiting Wayne and catching his mom at the club.


VIBE: A couple months ago on Twitter, you were really upset about your first single “Cuff Yo Chick” leaking. Are you really pushing your album back to 2011 because of that?
Bow Wow: Yeah, I’d say next year because I have so much going on this year with the movie, promo, and the thing is, I wanted to drop four singles [before] my album. So the first single you heard was “Cuff Yo Chick,” which is myself, Fab and Snoop. I’m actually going to shoot that video real soon. Then I have a single called “For My Hood” with Sean Kingston and DJ Khaled, which is the first single off the Lottery Ticket soundtrack. I’ve got a lot going on.

Now that you’re signed to Cash Money, what’s your relationship like with the man of the month, Drake?
We’re the same age so we have a lot of similarities. It’s all love. We don’t really have conversation like that, just once in a blue moon. ‘What’s happening? Congratulations on your success,’ stuff like that. We’re all so busy, that’s something a lot of people don’t understand. Drizzy’s all over the place, you got me with the movie thing, Nicki’s doing her thing and of course Lil Wayne and all the Young Money imprint is busy working on different areas so we don’t get a chance to really all hang out. But when we do, we do it big.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Diggy Simmons is Atlantic Records’ newest rapper. For someone who’s had such great success as a kid MC, what’s your advice for him?
Take your time. The good thing [about] starting off young is [you get] to learn from others’ mistakes. I would tell [Diggy] to pace himself, don’t grow up too fast, take your time and stay at it. It’s easy now because you’re a kid, but once you hit that that 17, 18 mark it’s going to get rougher so be prepared [for] that next wing because its going to come fast. I think his label’s behind him [so] he should be okay. He should try his best to find whoever his fan base is, stick with them and cater to them That’s the one thing I did. He looks like a star and if he has the right tools around him, he can win. We got to wait and see, but I wish him good luck .

On his freestyle “Flow Stoopid” he has line that goes “I don’t rap for my age like Lil Bow Wow.” How do you react to that?
Yeah, I don’t. It’s flattering because it lets me know how much of a prince I came into the game as [and that] people are talking about things I made 10 years ago. I’m still here and to me that’s flattering because that kid that they talk about is the only kid at that age that sold three million copies. So if I was 15 again and tried to come out, I would try to repeat what Lil Bow Wow did, period. 

From your younger days as Lil Bow Wow to now, you’ve remained close with your mother. But have you had any embarrassing moments with her?
My mother doesn’t really embarrass me. Even when I was young. She understands my career. [But] if I go [out] with my homeboys and my mom’s in the same club with her girls, it might feel a little awkward, but it’s never embarrassing. It’s all good cause my mom’s beautiful. I don’t mind her being out, stuntin. She’s the mother of a prince, she’s supposed to be doing that.  

A couple of Wayne’s associates have paid a visit to Rikers, when are you visiting the boss?
I’m supposed to do that while I’m here before Friday. [Ed Note: Friday, June 4]

What’s the one thing you want to make sure to tell Wayne?
There’s not much you can really tell him, [except] just to keep his spirits up and give him cheerful words. ‘Everything is being taken care of on the outside, everybody’s doing their thing and when you come out its going to feel like you never left.’ It already feels like that now. So just keep your head up and stay strong. Once he’s out in a couple months, we’re gonna get it poppin. Tracy Garraud

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