Bu Thiam’s A&R Chronicles: Young Jeezy’s Been In The Gym Everyday

Apparently the Internet’s going nuts about my expectations for Rihanna’s new album. I valued everyone’s opinions and comments but it seems there was some miscommunication. So I just wanted to give some clarity on the statement, “Our bar for this album is Michael Jackson’s Thriller.” Many critics and fans seemed to have missed the word BAR!

Thriller is one of the greatest albums of all time. So if my goal is to make this album Rihanna’s greatest why would I not set the bar high and do everything in my power to try and reach that bar. We’re not making actual records like “Billie Jean” or “Thriller.” We’re working to our greatest potential, the same way Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones did when their plan was to make a #1 album and exceed everyone’s expectations. As dark as it may be, Rated R is still a great album and with what we already have and what I’m out here looking for we’re not going to have a hard time following it up. Her last album had a lot to do with her recent situation and a real artist puts their life and heart into their music. So instead of continuing to speak on her feelings she put it in her music and those are the records that came out of that.

But we’re in a good space now that she’s happy and enjoying life and these records will reflect that. I was with her recently in Manchester and she was very busy on tour but she made time to work on records. As an A&R, my job is to go find records and get producers and writers in the studio for her, so in her downtime she always has material to listen to and go over. Sean Garrett and Mel & Mus have been in the studio all week working on records for her so just be ready!

And of course be ready for this TM103! Jeezy’s putting the finishing touches on everything and I’m excited about what we have to deliver. He still has the #2 rap record right now. He’s been in the gym everyday and has shoots coming up with huge magazines… He’s been in the studio w/ Shawty Redd and he’s very focused. The album is already one of the most anticipated albums of the year! And be on the lookout for that “All White Everything.” For anymore updates you can always follow me on twitter @bukonvict or check back next week for my A&R Chronicles. All praises due…Let’s Work!

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