Bun B’s Groupie Survival Guide: ‘You Have To Be Smarter Than Your D*#k’

There’s a reason why Bun B is easily one of the most respected figures in hip-hop. The Texas MC and founding member of the influential Dirty South act UGK continues to carry on the legacy of his late partner Pimp C. and is still trill solo, dropping his third solo effort, Trill O.G. (in stores Aug. 3). As he prepares for a spring stint at Rice University, where he will help teach a class in hip-hop and religion, we caught up with Bun to get his thoughts on the recent incident involving Fat Joe, who was accused of being extorted by a female fan (Joe was officially cleared by the Madison Wisconsin Police Department of any wrongdoing yesterday). VIBE presents Bun B’s guide to groupie survival. Pay attention. —Keith Murphy


1) Think With Your Big Head

You have to be smarter than your dick. That’s just being real. When I say that, I mean not allowing sex to make dumb decisions for you to the point where you don’t even allow your brain to interfere. If it just comes down to a physical thing and you let sex lead the way, you are going to be in trouble time and time again.

2) Keep Real People Around You

Make sure the niggas that surround you have dealt with women on a mature level. Because that’s where the problems starts. A lot of these cats have never really had a woman before, especially the caliber of women that comes with our career. And that’s something that a lot of these cats can’t turn down. You have to make sure you are surrounded by experienced men.

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