The Champ Is Here: Ron Artest (Pg. 3)

Artist: Clipse

Song: “Champion” from 2009’s Til The Casket Drops

Sample Lyrics: “Overcame the odds, so we overdue them cars/We done balled around the world, now we reaching for the stars”

Better Than Artest’s Track? Yes. But it’s hard to blame Artest for taking an L here. When you’ve got the Neptunes on your team like Clipse do, aren’t you supposed to win?




Artist: Queen Latifah

Song: “Champion,” an iTunes bonus track from 2009’s Persona

Sample Lyrics: “They hatin’ ’cause you majored in minor/Gonna celebrate like you won the Finals”

Better Than Artest’s Track? No. Latifah’s R&B-tinged song was included on the AT&T Team USA Soundtrack for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. But it wasn’t exactly a gold medal-worthy performance. Is this really how producers Cool & Dre are spending their time these days?!




Artist: Pastor Troy

Song: “Champion” from 2005’s Face Off, Part II

Sample Lyrics: “And, oh how quick the game done switched up/I’m screaming, ‘G-A,’ the crowd screaming what?/Pas-tor! Pas-tor!”

Better Than Artest’s Track? No. On this album cut from Pastor Troy’s eighth album, the Georgia rapper chants his name and brags about locking down the South. Decent effort but it doesn’t exactly call to mind confetti and bottles of champagne.


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