The Champ Is Here: Ron Artest (Pg. 4)

Artist: Nelly

Song: “Heart Of A Champion” from 2004’s Sweat

Sample Lyrics: “I got the stats of a Hall of Famer in just two records/That’s why I’m back at the Super Bowl with Julius Peppers”

Better Than Artest’s Track? No. Nelly scores some bonus points for getting the Lincoln University Vocal Ensemble to help him lift the NBA on NBC theme song. But did he really just rap, “My last stand be a stand of a General Custer/I hot dog because I can, I got the cheese and the mustard”? You’re better than that, man.




Artist: Brother Ali

Song: “Champion” from 2003’s Shadows on the Sun

Sample Lyrics: “MCs put up your titles, I be grabbin’ ‘em soon/Them f*ggots are doomed, worse than breathing hazardous fumes”

Better Than Artest’s Track? Yes. Artest has a catchier chorus, but come on: There’s absolutely no way the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year can keep up with Brother Ali when it comes to spitting. And the Rhymesayers rapper proves it here.




Artist: B.G.

Song: “Champion,” featuring Layzie Bone, from his 2008 Gangsta Grillz mixtape, Hood Generals

Sample Lyrics: “You know the block is mine, I know you never seen a watch like mine/Keep that Glock, you hear them shots when they done try to stop my shine”

Better Than Artest’s Track? Yes. B Gizzle’s lyrics about running the streets coupled with one of the strongest hooks on this list make this one a winner. Thug motivation, for real.


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