The Champ Is Here: Ron Artest’s New Rap Song Vs. 10 Other Championship Anthems

Forget Disneyland. To help the Los Angeles Lakers celebrate last week’s series-clinching victory over the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals, Lakers forward Ron Artest released a new rap song called “Champion” over the weekend. And despite his highly-questionable past when it comes to creating rap songs, the song is surprisingly pretty good—at least by athlete-turned-rapper standards.

Ron-Ron isn’t the first rapper to create a song about taking home the trophy, though. There are dozens of different hip-hop acts that have recorded songs with the word “Champion” in the title. In honor of the Lakers latest championship run, decided to put 10 of them up against Artest’s song to see where the Queens, N.Y. native stands when it comes to showcasing his skills off the court. Pop a bottle and get in on the celebration. —Chris Yuscavage