A Chick (Solange) And A Dude (Styles P.) Critique Drake

Everyone has an opinion on Drizzy’s penchant for bars and octaves. VIBE grabbed a bona fide singer and rapper to settle the great Drake debate.

Solange: I honestly believe that his tone is really incredible and pure. It’s not about vocal ability for me. It’s really about tone and emotion and I think he has one of those really pure tones. I haven’t heard him sing live, but it would definitely be interesting to hear him with the contrast of what I hear on his records. As a singer I know that it’s extremely hard to double vocals and whatever he’s doing to double his vocals, I don’t know what the hell he’s doing, but they sound identical to each other. Which is really, really, hard to do. When some people double you hear different takes, with him it just sounds like… I don’t know what he’s doing. Or maybe he’s just that good [laughs]. 

Styles: I like him. I think he’s a skillful MC. His wordplay is nice, melodies nice. He’s definitely in the category of the flashy fly guys. I find him to be skillful and it sounds like he’s listened to MCs before. I hear Kanye West and Lil Wayne most in his flow, but I think he probably listened to Em, Jay, all kind of shit. He sounds like somebody who did his homework. With singing and rapping, he’s definitely in a lane by himself, you know? 

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