Crisis Control: Christina Aguilera (Pg. 2)

6. Remember, Your Fans Are STANS

Somewhere between the hardcore throw-a-cage-of-doves-in-the-air followers of the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson and the she-can-do-no-wrong-even-in-Yaki boosters of Beyoncé is the Christina Aguilera fan. These fiercely loyal subjects would slap up the gratingly annoying Kesha if Aguilera coldly instructed them to do so (I’ll gladly start the petition). Such unconditional backing should enable Aguilera to weather the current storm of criticism. 

“I think the talk about her career being in trouble is an exaggeration,” says New York Magazine’s Barshad, who experienced the wrath of the singer’s ride-or-die fans first hand when he wrote a May 31 blog backed by the headline Does Christina Aguilera Have A Lady Gaga Problem? “When you read some of the fan comments online you realize that she has a strong fan base that will buy whatever she does for a long time.” Even Perez, who is no stranger when it comes to criticizing Christina’s most recent artistic decisions, agrees. “I would give away Bionic for free as a thank you to her fans,” he offers. “Even if everything she’s doing right now seems to be exploding in her face, a good number of those fans have remained loyal.”

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