Crisis Control: Christina Aguilera (Pg. 4)

4. Don’t Scrap Bionic

Even if some critics and music fans are confused and utterly unimpressed by the sparse, beeping futuristic production and decadent lyricism found on Bionic, there are always the ballads. The soaring and at times haunting songs “All I Need,” “Lift Me Up,” “Stronger Than Ever, and “I Am (Stripped)” represent some of Aguilera’s most introspective and challenging work to date. “The ballads are beautiful and Christina is a shoe in for that,” testifies Kelly, who wrote six tracks on Bionic. “It’s a more mature approach. She hits the notes more delicately.” 

Besides, abruptly shutting down an album release just because of early lukewarm reaction equates to waving a white flag. “Remember, we saw the same criticism with Jay-Z’s last album Blueprint III with some of the tracks that were leaking,” Herrera says of Jigga’s much scrutinized release, which went on to garner positive reviews. “I think we have to wait to hear all the music first before we call it a flop.”

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