Crisis Control: Christina Aguilera (Pg. 5)

3. Make Nice With Lady Gaga

When an act is having a moment, you have to either ride the wave or get the hell out of the way. Unfortunately, Aguilera missed that memo. “I think in the beginning for her to sort of insinuate that Lady Gaga was a B-level star was not the way to go because as we all know Gaga is much bigger than that now,” says Herrera of the rivalry Aguilera first ignited back in 2008 when Ms. Pokerface was making her way as an underground club act. “It made Christina seem like she was more out of touch with the current pop landscape which is not what you really want to do when you are the kind of huge pop star that she is.”

Of course, no one is suggesting that Aguilera and Gaga become BFF’s. But a little humility wouldn’t hurt. Barshad believes Aguilera’s recent respectful nod to Gaga on her website was a step in the right direction. “But truthfully, I don’t think [Aguilera] is purposely copying Gaga,” he notes of the comparisons. “It’s the whole timing of the situation. She came back right in the middle of this Lady Gaga fever. Whoever was coming back in that situation would be compared to her as well. [Aguilera] just has to deal with the situation and remember she’s a huge star.”

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