Crisis Control: Christina Aguilera (Pg. 7)

1. Unleash Arguably The Greatest Voice Of Your Generation

We all witnessed it. Amongst Hope For Haiti’s solid line-up of first-rate vocalists that included Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, and Mary J. Blige, Ms. Aguilera shined brightest on the Linda Perry-penned “Lift Me Up.” The moving, tear-jerking ballad (hey, there’s a theme, here) allowed Aguilera to demonstrate a pitch-perfect tone that belied her heartbreaking venerability. Forget the singer’s savvy, but predictable next single “Woo Hoo,” featuring female rap savior Nicki Minaj. “Lift Me Up” offers Aguilera’s greatest strength: her voice. “You don’t get the chance to go back and say Christina should have done the vocals over on a song,” Kelly says. “When it comes to her voice there’s not too many pop artists who can do what she does.”

Herrera goes a step further in her praise of Aguilera. “I think Christina’s voice is what separates her from everyone else right now,” she says. “Because today, everything is overly produced and bogged down with the Pro Tools… there’s not a lot of singing involved. It’s very rare nowadays to hear someone singing in a completely pure way now. Just seeing her do that is really striking. If she continues to showcase her vocal attributes, Christina will be just fine.” 


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