Drake ‘Thank Me Later’ Predictions, Featuring Fat Joe, Game, Nicki Minaj & More

It’s been a long time coming but the release date for Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later, is finally here (today). Whether you’ve already hit up your local iTunes store to cop a copy or you’re still wondering what all the hype is about, there’s much anticipation in the air as far as how many units hip-hop’s only favorite Degrassi alum can push in his first week. Peep some predictions.

= 500,000 copies 


FAT JOE: Drake is definitely the hottest rapper on the radio right now. I haven’t really heard that many new guys that caught my attention. I really like Cam’s boy Vado, too. But nobody’s making as much noise as Drake. He’s killing it right now. I think he’s gonna sell 1 million records in first week. Maybe 1.2 million.

CHARLES HAMILTON: He might do a 150 to 200,000. I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s going to do decent numbers. I would work with him, but at the same time I already know what’s going to happen if I work with him. There’s going to be the pre-programmed haters that are going to say something crazy. I wasn’t performing at the Grammy’s so there’s going to be the status quo hate that comes. And then there’s going to be people who listen to the music and what is being said and I’m confident that it’s not going to be a complete blow out. 


NICKI MINAJ: I think he’s going to do almost two million [in the first week]. At least a million. He’s the hottest dude in the game right now. So why not? [ED NOTE: Biased much?]


GAME: I think he’ll do 600,000.


MACK MAINE: Me and him made a bet. He think he won’t do 500,000 [in the first week]. I think he will. He’s very humble, though. That’s him being humble. But I’m more cocky, so I’m like, that’s the least you gon’ do is 500,000. We put 50K up so hopefully when I see y’all again I’ll be 50K richer.

 (At least)


JAY CASTEEL (Ballerstatus): It’s really hard for me to gauge album sales these days. And I’ve discussed this with several people and the argument is always: “Well, look what Lil Wayne did with Tha Carter III.” Yeah, Drake’s buzz is so big now and almost every song on the radio is either a Drake song or a Drake feature. But, does that really translate into sales? I think the sale of albums is very much different even from a year ago. My conclusion is that Drake should sell fairly well as far as sales numbers in today’s climate.Will he go platinum quickly? No, I don’t think so.

[Insert Blank disc] 

CHUCK CREEKMUR (AllHipHop): Even though there are mixed reviews about Drake, I think Thank Me Later is going to go at least gold his first week. He could very well do more, and there is a simple reason why. Drake’s album largely appeals to women and we all know women are bigger supporters when it comes to buying. I think the album is solid and I really had no expectations. I’m not a huge fan of all the singing, but I’m definitely not complaining. Some people are complaining, but they don’t understand that this album isn’t necessarily for them. It’s for the 500,000 other people that still appreciate Drake for his slow-tempo, emotive raps and beats.


MEKA (2DopeBoyz): Everybody’s album leaks. It’s in the natural order of music now, before the SoundScan numbers but after the multitude of singles, interviews, music videos, album covers, magazine covers, shoddy digital camera footage of shows, “freestyles” and whatever else can be squeezed from the proverbial turnip of music. Drake has the potential to move a million units in his first week. At the very least gold. What do I think of the album? To be honest, I’m still listening to TiRon’s MSTRD, so I’m not really paying attention to Thank Me Later. Maybe one day I’ll get to it… Then again I said the same thing about 808s & Heartbreak and I still haven’t gotten all the way through that album to this day.


MICHAEL “ICE-BLUE” HARRIS (HipHopWired): I definitely think the album lives up to the hype and also solidifies the fact that you can’t put him in a box. He’s an artist and he delivered a complete album. Even with the album leaks, he’ll do his numbers. He’s also a cross over artist which isn’t a knock so even with the leak, people will definitely still cop it. He’ll probably do around 700-800 thousand the first week and will be platinum in two weeks.



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