Estelle Talks Teatime & Getting Sloshed With Solange (Pg. 2)

What’s the best thing about being British?
Our superior fashion sense
* . . . Nah, I’m playing. [Laughs] I come from a different perspective. In some ways, there’s a stronger Black infrastructure here than in the U.K. That’s why I have a career here, whereas at home it’s a lot harder. It takes 10 years of convincing and then one or two [artists] will break through.

Do Brits really have teatime?
It happens once in a blue moon, on some upper society shit. But when people say teatime we usually mean after-school dinner.

What’s your favorite summer activity?
Walk around different cities and people-watch. Either that or be on a beach and tan. We’ll be back on the road again [this summer] so hopefully we go to Saint-Tropez again. I like that place a lot.

Who’s your industry BFF?
Solange! She’s so dope and doesn’t give a shit, and I love that. Someone I knew forever who worked on her team hit me like, “You guys have to catch up and get drunk, ‘cause you’re both crazy.” So we emailed and caught up one night. It was like, “You’re insane. I fucking love you!”

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This story appears in the June/July 2010 issue of VIBE Magazine, on newsstands now.

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