The Groupie’s Guide To The NBA Draft (Pg. 3)

3) There is a difference between a lottery pick—and a first-round pick.

Don’t get caught up on the word “lottery.” A lottery pick is simply a player selected by a team that didn’t make the playoffs last year. So while he might make (slightly) more money for landing in a lottery slot, he won’t be on a team that’s going places. Instead, venture further down the draft board to see who goes to Boston (No. 19), Atlanta (No. 24) and Orlando (No. 29). Your future boo might not see as much playing time—but those playoff bonuses will be money. 

4) Second-round draft picks can turn into first-rate players.

Like any sport, there are plenty of NBA Draft picks that get selected way later than they really should. This is why you should carefully consider getting out of the crowded first round and dipping into the pool of talent that exists in the second half of the draft. Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Boozer and Rashard Lewis are just a few of the fellas making some serious coin (can you say max contract?) after getting drafted in the second round. 

5) Some of this year’s NBA Draft picks can do more than just play ball.

Surviving in the NBA requires talent, a little luck and a body that can withstand the rigors of an 82-game season. Not everyone has all three of these qualities, which is why so many players only last in the league for a few years. With that in mind, you might to think about looking for the rare draft applicant (Quincy Pondexter and Damion James are your best bets this year) who went to college for four years. Because a college degree and a solid Plan B is way better than a 10-year journeyman career in the Turkish pro leagues.

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