The Groupie’s Guide To The NBA Draft (Pg. 5)

9) Not every player selected in the NBA Draft will be an NBA player next year.

News flash: Some of the guys selected in the draft this year won’t play a single game in the league next year. Some will play for D-League affiliates of the teams that select them. Others will head overseas to play. A few will get hurt (like last year’s No. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin, pictured above). And the rest will fizzle out and never play a game of pro ball in their lives. It’s sad, but it’s true. Just remember that when you’re taking drinks from the guy the Lakers draft to backup Kobe Bryant at No. 43 in the second round.

10) 2010 NBA mock drafts should be your new best friend.

Knowing where a guy grew up, his college, his age and even his favorite color puts you at a serious advantage if you’re trying to holler. In the real world, this would be known as Facebook stalking. But in the NBA world, all this info is available right now through mock drafts, which predict where players will be chosen and deliver a plethora of info on every player available. Start cramming—the next draft class is almost in session…

The 2010 NBA Draft airs tonight at 7:30pm on ESPN.

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