The Infamous Omarosa Talks New Reality Dating Show, Beef With TV Stars & Becoming a Minister (pg 2)

The Ultimate Merger was completed last year, which means you’ve already shot the reunion special and found your man. I know you can’t reveal the ending but are you really saying you’ve married someone from the show?

That was my intention to find love. I went all the way in, one hundred percent [with this show.]  The hardest part is not being able to be seen [in public] with the person that you ultimately chose. It’s been seven months since we’ve finished the show and we’ve [my new guy and I] have had to do some sneaking and creeping around because we can’t disclose who the winner is. So that’s been interesting.

So what would say went wrong with your first marriage?

 My ex-husband and I married very young. I was 22; about to turn 23, he was in his early twenties. We were college sweethearts at Howard University and we had no clue what it took to make a marriage work. A benefit of recognizing that early enough was that we could decide amicably to go our separate ways. And we still have a good relationship.

What does your ex-husband think of The Ultimate Merger?

He’s very supportive. He has a lot of work commitments, he’s an executor, and his schedule conflicted with when we were shooting the show. But had the circumstances been a little different he would have possibly been a surprise guest on The Ultimate Merger, that’s how supportive he is.

How was finding a mate on a reality show with a television viewing audience different from the traditional route?

I don’t think that’s it’s any different from speed dating, going on or going to a happy hour and meeting someone. I have a friend who went on a speed dating session, which is two minutes per person [she met her husband there] and she’s been married for eight years. Being in front of a camera is not that unusual for me because I’ve lived so much of my life in front of one. I had plastic surgery on camera (in a TLC plastic surgery special where Omarosa got breast implants and treated her mom to a few cosmetic procedures.) America has seen every part of me.

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