The Infamous Omarosa Talks New Reality Dating Show, Beef With TV Stars & Becoming a Minister (Pg 3)

Most media outlets are dubbing your show a ‘black Bachelorette’ is it more than that?

Unfortunately neither The Bachelorette or The Bachelor franchises on ABC have had an African American woman or African American man [as the lead contestants] nor do I foresee they would do something that bold in the future. I think that The Ultimate Merger is different because it tells the story of black love and does so unapologetically, and very authentically. We’re not giving out roses or writing poetry and doing all that fru fru stuff we’re taking a very serious approach to dating.

So do you believe the black courtship experience is different from other races?

Black courting, African American dating is significantly different than some of the other cultural dating norms. And the great thing about our show being on TV One is that we can do it without ‘explaining’ the dynamics between black men and black women. On my first episode of my show one of the brothers said that he didn’t date black women. Now those are discussions that we have in the privacy of our own homes or in the privacy of our own circles. Those aren’t discussion we’ve had in mainstream America. I’m talking about some real deal conversations on my show.

Were there any guys on The Ultimate Merger that you were immediately attracted to? And how did Al B. Sure end up on the show?

Two guys that I dated, my ex-boyfriends, Al B. Sure and Charles Parker were on the show. So with those two there was history and of course chemistry. And then there are people you meet, where you go ‘Wow, he’s interesting I’d like to know more about that guy.’ One of the guys on my show actually served some hard time in prison. I didn’t know that but I was immediately drawn to him and instantly intrigued by him. I don’t know what that says about me (laughs)—that I would be attracted to a hardened criminal.

You called Bethenny Frankel (from Bethenny’s Getting Married? and Real Housewives of New York) a “twit” recently. How did that all come about? 

Bethenny Frankel was on The View and she was actually being complimented by Sherri Shepherd who said, ‘Bethenny you were on the Martha Stewart Apprentice and now you’ve got your own show and you’re doing your own thing. You’re utilizing this opportunity like Omarosa.’ And then Bethany says, ‘I’m not like Omarosa, she’s just famous for being infamous, she doesn’t have a real career I have a real career.’ It was really crazy stuff because Bethenny was a friend. She called after Martha Stewart Apprentice and asked me, ‘What can I do to extend my fifteen minutes of fame?’ Martha Stewart Apprentice had like two viewers, and The Apprentice had 28 million viewers— so who has the real career? Don’t get me started. That arrogance and the idea that [Bethenny thinks she has] this superiority [over me], it just baffles me, really baffles me. I mean this girl was a cocktail waitress five years ago; I worked in The White House. I mean really, who has the real career?

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