The Infamous Omarosa Talks New Reality Dating Show, Beef With TV Stars & Becoming a Minister

Omarosa is probably one of the most polarizing figures in reality television, people love to hate her and hate to love her so much she was voted  the #1 Reality Show Villain by TV Guide. But the other Lady O just brands that tag America’s fear of the strong, intelligent and (brown-skinned) black woman.

Now she’s back on the TV airwaves and has re-teamed with her old ‘boss’, Donald Trump for TV One’s new dating reality show, Donald J. Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger.  This time out she’s looking for love and a life long mate, because she already got the work part figured out. Aside from the reality show biz, Omarosa is also studying to be a minister. VIBE chatted with her about her new show, life, love, religion, and her latest beef with Bethenny’s Getting Married? and former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel.

Ronke Idowu Reeves

 In all your press over the years nobody ever mentioned that you’re Nigerian. What does your name mean?

My full name is Omorosaonee; it’s a Yoruba name that means, ‘my beautiful child desired.’ My father’s family is Nigerian my mother is American. I do recognize where I’m from and my lineage. I mean you look at my cheekbones, you look at my fierce fighting spirit and attitude—you know exactly where I’m from. I went to Nigeria three years ago and did a whole press tour there for about three weeks and helped to launch an Apprentice Africa. It was pretty exciting. 

So from an Apprentice Africa in Nigeria to Reverend Omarosa, now you’re in seminary school? Must be a little tricky with a dating reality show on the air.

 [The show] isn’t happening right now, it happened last year. I taped it before I went into seminary school, that’s why I’m getting so much backlash from people. I made a vow of celibacy and now [when people see me on] TV and I’m in a hot tub, it may be a bit confusing. But I think my walk with Christ is a very intimate relationship and everyday I’m working to be closer to God and live out what’s perfect for my life. I’m not affected by the criticism because I know the purpose of my life is to do the will of God. And I feel very fortunate at age 36 to have figured that out. I also entertain for a living, but there are Christians in every walk of life. I think it’s just another opportunity to spread the word of God.

When we first met you on Season 1 of The Apprentice you wanted to work for Donald Trump, when did you discover you wanted to be a minister?

I got my calling two years ago, I didn’t respond to my call immediately but that’s when I got it. I absolutely want to be a minister.  I’ve been doing missionary work around the world for the last five years; work in Haiti and for the homeless. Wherever God calls me, wherever he leads me that is where I’ll go, and if he eventually leads me to a church that’s where I’ll be.