Just The Two Of Us: Fatherhood Reflections, Feat. 50 Cent, Lyfe Jennings & Others

My son [Marquis] went through issues initially when the music took off. Because prior to that, I used to drive and drop him off to school. I’d come pick him up. Things a little boy is excited about, his mother doesn’t do with him. She can’t go to the basketball court and play basketball with him. She’ll go watch if there’s other kids there to play with him but she can’t go and do it herself. There’s different things that we would do in our relationship, it changed. But it’s like going through what 55 percent of people who get married go through when they get divorced. It’s the split and the change in one parent being your primary guardian and the other one visits.

In between the time that I had my visitation rights and I got to see my son, I’m all over the world; that’s the difference between me and someone who just goes to work and sees their child when their permitted to. Outside of that my job makes me visible so it’s not like he doesn’t know what I’m doing because he’ll call me and say ‘I saw you do this, this and that’ and it’s almost like, when I didn’t speak to them to update them on what I’m doing, he knew anyway because he was aware from the entertainment perspective.

He’s gonna be fourteen, a freshman in high school. I watch him go through the different phases, different things that he’ll get into, like now he’s completely aware of him turning into a man. He’s completely conscious of himself fashion wise, and now he’s getting into the girls so he’s like, “Yo I cant wear this.” It’s the funniest things ever to see him get dressed; he’s like, “I can’t wear this. Where we going?”