La La Responds To Slim Thug

Slim Thug spoke his opinion. Do I necessarily agree with everything he said? No. Could I understand why people are upset by what he said? Absolutely. I’m not saying that no apology is necessary, I’m saying that he stated his opinion, which is obviously how he felt at the time. If he wants to clarify it then he should. But if that’s how he strongly feels, then he should stick by [it]. It doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to agree with him.

In life, so many things try to knock [women of color] down, you’re not light enough, you’re hair is not straight enough, you’re this, you’re that and I just think we don’t need anyone else adding more pressure to us. As women of color, it’s hard enough to [deal with] the issues of life, then to add on our own men bashing us that we’re not doing enough or we’re not doing it right… I think it’s a little harsh and I don’t think it’s necessarily fair.

You deal with people for who they are as that person. What I mean by that is, if I’m dealing with one Black man who treated me like shit, that’s that one Black man. That doesn’t stand for every single Black man in America. If I dated a White man and he treated me like a queen… that was that one relationship. That doesn’t mean with every White man I meet, I’m going to have the same experience.

My thing is you deal with people for who they are and you make them responsible. You don’t hold the whole freaking race responsible. [Dating outside your race] isn’t anything anyone should make a conscious decision on. Where ever your travels take you, go with whoever you click with. You’re going to find good and bad in all races. Doesn’t matter. —As Told To Tracy Garraud