Labels We Love: 5 Preview

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.   Of course, in fashion, imitation can usually lead to copyright infringement suits, but when you have Karl Lagerfeld as a fan of your Chanel riffs, then you’re probably safe. 

Swedish label 5 Preview has been designing t-shirts and jewelry that poke fun at iconic brand trademarks.  Those inter-crossed 5’s might remind you of Chanel and those interlocking V’s and P’s will invariably remind of another French mega label, but this is Puitton, not Vuitton.

The shirts are hand-printed and despite achieving a level of success that counts placement in French Vogue, the label still has a cool, underground feel.  They’re much smarter than the counterfeit fare you’ll find strolling on Canal Street and their limited distribution means that most people won’t know that your shirt with the upside down Eiffel tower isn’t actually YSL, it’s Y5L. Shop the collection online. –Adrien Field