Lethal Weapon Redux? Omarion’s Big Screen Dream Buddy Role

Having conquered the worlds of music and dance, Omarion is eager to make an even bigger splash on the silver screen. And the 26-year old believes he has just the formula to make it happen; reinvent the interracial buddy movie by browning it up a bit.

“I wanna create something new. Like maybe me and Shia [LaBeouf] in a film or maybe me and Zac [Efron] doing a cop movie. Like a new Lethal Weapon,” he says. “Cause I’m gonna tell you right now, there’s no young brother with this skin color [bringing it] in Hollywood, they might be light but they ain’t this [my] color. So it should be awesome.”

No word yet if Efron or LaBeouf are on board to team up to make some young Hollywood buddy flick history, but Omarion says that in addition to his music career, (he’s currently working on new music and his third album, Ollusion is in stores now) he’s looking to challenge himself as an actor and doesn’t want to be boxed in by boundaries sometimes set by the film industry.

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be in the game so long,” Omarion says of his career which began at age 14. “I just want to do the stuff they think we can’t do. I want to step into the roles that they think is a little difficult for us.”

When pressed about his specific upcoming roles, the You Got Served star stayed mum on details, “We’re always having conversations but I want to sign on the dotted line first [before I announce anything],” he says. “When we sign, then you’ll see me on the big screen. It’s coming real soon.” —Ronke Idowu Reeves