Lil Twist On ‘Thank Me Later’: ‘Drake Set The Bar For Young Money’

I was with Drake the night his album was released and he was really happy. All of [Young Money] was in a good mood. We’re all proud of him [and] we’re expecting big numbers for Thank Me Later. Drake is very humble so he wasn’t saying how many numbers it would sell but Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant bet him money because they knew how well his first week would do. I don’t know how much money was it was but Drake is going to lose both bets. [Drake] is humble to a certain extent but we all knew that his album was going to do well because it was anticipated forever.

Drake got the door open for Young Money even more. With Wayne, our big bro, being locked up we knew that Drake was gonna be that guy to make sure that Young Money didn’t fail. The mood is different now than when Tha Carter III dropped because there’s new people on the roster. Now we’re even more together so it’s more of a movement than when Tha Carter III dropped. We’re stronger.

I talked to Wayne before Drake dropped and he said he wants Drake to go diamond. [Wayne] is focused more on the long term because he wants Drake to surpass Tha Carter III. He wants Drake to set a high bar because when he gets out he wants to Drop Tha Carter IV and set another high bar.

Young Money as a whole army?it’s like we’re racing other people in the industry because we’re all going to come out and do our thing. I’ve been down with the Young Money crew for three years and I see how everything is, like, how Wayne is and how Drake is?and just going through development as an artist by watching these guys and by watching Nicki also?I know exactly what I have to do. I can’t lose seeing these three mega stars going to the top and seeing how they did it. I’m gonna be a mega star also.

I don’t know who’s next after Drake but it will be whoever is ready [because] Drake’s new album is gonna be big. His impact on the game is that he wants to bring it back since so many people are saying that it’s dead. When he came into the game he had something that was different so he just wants to be that guy to bring it all the way back. He has that something that’s needed so Young Money is feeling good. We’re all different artists and we all have different styles. We’re the strongest team and we’re gonna be here for a long time. ?As Told To Starrene Rhett