(Lovers & Friends) Marques Houston: Marriage Is A Scary Topic For Men

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I’ve definitely thought about marriage. It’s always been something that I wanted to do. My mother passed away but I grew up in a real stable home with both my parents. I watched them have a happy marriage so I’ve always wanted to be married and do things the right way and have children once I was married. I don’t believe in having a child out of wedlock. I’ve always wanted to do everything right, by the moral standards that I was brought up with.

I feel like [being faithful] is a choice. I’ve never been a cheater. I’ve had girlfriends my whole life, I’ve been dating since I was a young boy. I’ve always felt like it’s never been necessary to cheat. I’m definitely what you call a one woman man and I believe in that. I believe if you ever feel like you have to cheat you shouldn’t be in a committed relationship. If you wanna do your thing and you wanna go out and have different women and you wanna do your thing I don’t agree with that either but if you do, don’t commit yourself to one person if you’re not ready to be fully committed and ready to take on the responsibility of a relationship because I feel like there’s a lot of responsibility coming with having a relationship. I don’t believe that relationships should be taken so lightly as I see them being taken nowadays. Even if you’re in a relationship, just a committed relationship, you should treat it like a marriage.

[Marriage] is just a scary topic for a man to feel like he’s being tied down. Some men if you meet the right woman, the world is so corrupt nowadays you have all this stuff on the Internet, you have all this on TV, there’s no moral driven anything on TV. Everything is cheating. You got cheating wives. You got these shows that promote all this cheating and being promiscuous and you don’t see any Cosby Show’s anymore where you see a couple that are together and they have children and they have a great family and a strong foundation so people don’t believe in that anymore. People feel like it’s okay to just cheat and do their thing, even women now. It’s not even on the men anymore. Now you talk to these women and they’re like I wanna do my thing and I wan to do this and I don’t need to be tied down so now its both sides and I just feel like it’s kinda sad but it all comes with raising as well.

If you raised around all that cheating, you’ll naturally do the same thing but I think if you really read the Bible too. In the Bible it shows the family structure and it shows being with one person so I think people just gotta be on their game. I think fellas just get scared of that but women get scared of it too. But I feel like if you have the right person that makes you happy there’s no reason to step out.

There’s a lot of single Black women just as well as theres’s a lot of single White women and Hispanic women and Asian women. I’ve been around women my whole life. I meet so many women on a day to day basis and a lot of these women’s stories are so different yet so the same. I’ve been brought up with the morals not to cheat, always respect women so I have a lot of respect for women and what they go through. It’s hard to be a woman, especially nowadays with the world being so dominated by men. It’s hard to be a strong woman out there and do your thing. Even women in the industry to not have to feel like they have to sell themselves short to even get somewhere in life. I try to talk to young women all the time and tell them never sell yourself out. Always have respect for yourself because the more respect you have for yourself the more respect anyone will have for you.As Told To Clover Hope