MJ On TV: Where To Find The King Of Pop On The 1st Anniversary Of His Death

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard Michael Jackson died a year ago this week. It was one of those unforgettable galvanizing moments in pop culture history that seized the world. The King of Pop’s sudden and unexpected death also left TV networks scrambling to supply the airwaves with all things MJ; to meet the general public and grieving fans’ insatiable demands to see and celebrate the artistry, life and times of Michael Jackson.

This year there will be new specials as well as repeat programming to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the King of Pop’s passing. Here’s a roundup of some of the networks remembering MJ on June 25.—Ronke Idowu Reeves

ABC — “20/20” will air a two-hour report chronicling the ongoing Jackson death investigation, plus an updated reported on how Jackson’s children are adjusting to life without their father. There will be new interviews with Jackson’s long-time makeup artist and a new tour of Neverland Ranch.

MTV — Will air the one-hour special Michael Jackson’s Influence on Music, which will highlight the many artists inspired by MJ’s songs, choreography and style. Plus a Michael Jackson’s Top 10 Video Countdown and a two-hour block of Jackson videos will air on June 25 and 26.

VH1 — Will run the five-hour 1992 telepic, The Jacksons: An American Dream.

FUSE — Will air two new specials, Michael Jackson: The Inside Story and Michael Jackson: A Tribute.

 E! — The hour-long specials, E! True Hollywood Story: Michael Jackson, E! Investigates: The Last Days of Michael Jackson, and the special, Michael Jackson will air all day.

TV Guide Channel — Will run its two-hour acquired documentary, Michael Jackson: Gone Too Soon, as well as the specials Michael Jackson’s Entourage: Where Are They Now and Michael Jackson: His Family Dynasty and a special MJ edition of Hollywood 411.