Nick Cannon (Pg. 3)

[Laughs] Yeah. But people need to know before I was an artist, I was a producer. I have my own label Incredible Entertainment and I have three acts signed to Def Jam that are currently out right now. We have Aaron Fresh, the School Girls, which is more of a pop act, and I have an R&B act on Def Jam called RydazNRtist. And actually, I had said I wasn’t going to get on the mic anymore, but they have a record called “Sorry Ass Apology” and we produced the remix, so I had come out of my shell for a little bit and do my alter ego. I address a couple of things that have been lurking out there. You will hear that literally in a next couple of days. We shot a video for it and everything. I’m going to give the exclusive.

You were one of the first celebrities to utilize Twitter to connect with your fans. Talk about the importance of having that kind of access with your followers?

It’s huge being able to have that connection with the fans. That’s the same reason why I do my morning radio show. I love the intimate connection to the people. Just being able to talk to them and see how they feel as far as what’s going on with me positively or negatively, it just gives me a great gauge on what’s going on in the street. I’m all about that. People see that I’m a real dude at the end of the day. I’m not on some celebrity stuff. I’m going to keep it 100 with you.

How do you balance being an adult and still being associated with that teen market?

I always say that instead of me being a role model, I’m a real model. A role is something that you play and real is what I try to be. I’m going to do some things that some people are not going to agree with and some things that people are going to look up to. I just ask for people to respect and appreciate the fact that I’m being a real dude that’s about to be 30-year-old.

Wow, 30, huh? That’s a milestone. Are you already planning that big bash?

Oh, I have to figure it out. I have to do it big for the 30. Soon as the summer is over that’s when I’ll probably start thinking about how big I’m going to do it.

All, come on…you know Mariah is planning something fabulous for you right now.

[Laughs] Yeah, but that’s the thing. Do I really want to do the hoopla, crazy thing? Or do I want to go chill on an island somewhere. I’m just figuring it out.

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