One Q, One A: Is Lil Kim Being Petty For Her Beef With Nicki Minaj?

VIBE.COM: Lil’ Kim sites the primary reason for her beef with Nicki Minaj as swagger jacking but is Nicki Minaj a complete biter or is Kim being petty?

Lady Luck: It’s hard because nothing is new or original under the sun. It’s not who did it but how it’s done [word to Nas]. But it’s true she has some traits Kim displayed. But who jacked Marilyn Monroe? We all jack the past and recreate. [But] it’s not really petty for Kim to be mad. Rap is still a competition and if that’s how she feels, she’s entitled to do whatever. I just think it’s wack and gay for men to get involved in female beef.

As far as Nicki Minaj, I think it’s hot to finally have a female MC on the forefront. She’s opening up the window for people to look at female MCs again. The last female to go platinum was Eve, 11 years ago so it leaves room for more females to come in.