One Q, One A: What Does Kevin Federline Think Of Justin Bieber?

VIBE: People are shocked about Justin Bieber being nominated for a BET Award. What are your thoughts? And have you caught Bieber fever?

Kevin Federline: Music has no color so I think it’s great. I don’t listen to his music but if the BET folks thinks he deserves the nomination so be it. To all the teenage girls out there, yes [he’s the truth]. He’s affiliated with Usher so that alone provides him an outlet to be loved and accepted by fans that normally wouldn’t listen to his music. Rappers like Luda jumping on board help. [As a white boy in hip-hop], people just automatically don’t like me and don’t give me a chance until they actually meet me and get to know me. My advice to him is enjoy your success while you can and thank your fans.