One Q, One A: Why Does Rick Ross ReTweet So Much?

VIBE: Some rappers just don’t seem like the social networking type. What was your reasoning for joining Twitter, @RickyRozay?

Rick Ross: People been trying to get me on Twitter for the last two years but I never really felt the need for it. I been getting so much love, people been embracing my shit, my music. The least I can do is try to stay in contact with my supporters even more so. That’s where @RickyRozay came into play. I came up with the name. I been doing it for less than a month so motherfuckas call up [Ed. Note: We think he means tweet up], make requests, do shit like that so it’s love. I can’t say I read everything but some shit I do retweet. Motherfuckas say something that I might’ve thought before, “Oh damn that makes sense,” retweet it. It’s not really marketing. You can only do so much tweeting. I feel a lot of that shit be overrated. You only gon’ retweet so many people and actually tweet [back to] so many people but for the few motherfuckas you do touch they gon’ fuck with the Boss. —Clover Hope



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