Reality TV Recap: ‘Basketball Wife’ Suzie Gets Arrested, Gloria Govan A No-Show


Last night, all the “basketball wives” except for Gloria Govan reunited to recap the inaugural season of Basketball Wives and to update us on what’s up with them. Despite Miss Govan’s absence, the ladies all talked about her anyway. None of them like her—as if you couldn’t tell—not even Shaunie O’Neal. Govan burned her last bridge with Shaunie after all the smack talking she and her husband did about the show, but Miss O isn’t tripping. Not only is Basketball Wives returning for a second season, the show will be extended to an hour. (On a side note: No one really knew Matt Barnes’ name until the show aired, poor guy.)

In true “reality” TV style, the first season was rife with drink throwing and altercations. We watched Evelyn confront her alleged stalker who leaked her nude pictures, but that situation is so serious that it’s being dealt with behind the scenes by the alphabet boys. Another juicy fight: When Royce duked it out with Gloria in a self-defense class. But nothing topped Suzie and Sandra a.k.a Plastic Surgery’s fight at dinner. Suzie got the last laugh on the show but the unfinished business was handled at the reunion.

Plastic Surgery was invited back to confront the women about their beef. She claims she was wrongfully convicted of groupie-ism. But to the women, groupie b*tches get stitches. Suzie refused to let Plastic Surgery get away with…existing and decided to humiliate her further by dowsing her with a bucket of water and shoving her so violently that she slipped down some steps on the stage. Suzie was detained by police shortly after that so maybe the groupie won this round. Remember when fights went down in elementary school? The classic threat was, “See you at 3 o’clock?” Well, in this case, Suzie’s redemption (or retribution) might come in season two. Will you be watching this fall? And where was Gloria?

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After releasing two independent albums, Ray J gets offered a major deal with SRC/Universal. The deal is enticing because a major machine behind him means more money for promotion and marketing and a shot at being a bigger star. But Sonja Norwood of course has her reservations because his album isn’t complete, which would deviate from the original plan. Initially, the goal is to finish recording and then shop the music around, but because Ray J is a big boy now he makes a decision to move forward with the deal.

Meanwhile, Shay gets Sonja’s blessing to step her game up as a manager and beings making moves for Brandy. While cousin Ryan hooks B-Rocka up with a creative meeting with producer Danja (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake), Shay meets with a sitcom writer. The meeting with Danja goes well and Brandy likes the tracks she hears but her good friend Tyrese (yeah, that Tyrese) is concerned that a super star producer won’t have enough time for her and that she should consider going for lesser known producers who won’t spread themselves too thin. It’s a good point considering how mad Brandy is at Rodney Jerkins for not giving her his all. Plus, she’s sensitive so maybe she should think a little harder about what she wants to do. Are Brandy and Ray J doing the right thing with regard to their careers? Will their new music be good?