Reality TV Recap: OMG Girlz Get It Together, Memphitz Meets Reginae

Tiny was worried about moving forward with the OMG Girlz as a group because of their inconsistent performance, but they had a show at a skating rink that proved they could possibly work out⎯as long as they apply themselves. Aside from the group, Tiny feels the pressure of raising children alone but she begins counting down the days until T.I. returns. He’s obviously out of jail now, but it’ll be interesting to watch when he does return. Hopefully we get to see a little bit of that before this season ends because word on the street is, there will be no season three.

Toya is still dealing with her romance with “Sexy Face” a.k.a Memphitz. She went to dinner with her girls, who encouraged her to bring him around Reginae and introduce him as a new love interest as opposed to just a friend, which is the initial impression she gave her daughter. With the support of Tiny, her little brother and another friend, Toya cooked (attempted to cook) dinner and invited Sexy Face to come hang with her fam. Everyone seemed to like him especially Reginae, which was important to Toya. They’re cute as a couple so hopefully it works out.


Should Tiny & Toya return for a third season?