Reality TV Recap: Ray J Sucks The Head


The Norwood Family took it back to their roots and went to their hometown, McComb, Mississippi, for a family reunion. While taking a trip down memory lane, they volunteered to help organize the family gathering. Willie Sr. and Sonja Norwood reconnected with relatives while Brandy and Ray J gallivanted around town like they were elementary school children again. It was fun to watch them riding bikes and visiting their old schools. However, they also got to experience something new.

Part of their responsibility for the reunion was to make sure they got some crawfish, which neither of them have ever eaten. Brandy freaked out at the seafood place when she saw how the live crawfish were being prepared but Ray J went all in. When their crawfish supplier let Ray taste the finished product, he encouraged Ray to “suck the head” (pause). Y’all saw the sex tape so you know he did it (sorry, that was too easy) but anyway, that mission was accomplished.

Sonja had been feeling underappreciated on the trip because everyone seemed to look to her to do everything despite the fact that she was technically on vacation. She voiced her concerns to Willie Sr. who made it up to her at the reunion. He performed a song he wrote for her and sang his heart out. It was a nice song and a sweet gesture. Overall, even though Snoop wasn’t there (Isn’t he their cousin?) the family reunion was a success. Watching their family in action makes it clear why the Brandy and fam are so successful.

Mama and Papa Norwood decided to stay in Mississippi for another month while Brandy and Ray J head back to L.A. to take care of business solo. Season one is over but it looks like season two is going to get bigger and better. Are you excited or is this just another pointless reality TV show that shouldn’t come back?