Reality TV Recap: Tiny Vs. Daughter, Toya Becomes A Stylist

Spell check is barely complete on Toya’s book proposal and she’s already pursuing another one of her interests?fashion. She met with a fashion consultant/designer to explore the possibility of developing a clothing line. But when the designer questioned her about whether she can sketch and/or sew (and the answer was “no” for both questions) Toya realized that this isn’t kindergarten where you can be an astronaut and a lawyer.

As a result Toya decided that she wanted to focus more on styling and the fashion consultant took her to a thrift shop to put her skills to the test. Toya was nervous but she managed to find some cute pieces and successfully styled her volunteer model, which made her realize that she was more talented than she gave herself credit for. It’s cool to watch her discover herself after years of living in a celebrity’s shadow but she should focus on being really good at one thing at a time instead of being mediocre by dabbling in too many things at once. However, when it comes to her styling, maybe she can parlay a gig styling Nicki Minaj and tone down some of those wigs.

Tiny found herself at odds with her daughter (from a previous relationship), Zonnique. The pair went on a mother/daughter shopping trip but it wasn’t as fun as it sounds. Zonnique challenged Tiny, saying that she shows favoritism to her younger siblings (fathered by T.I.) King and Major. The disconnect in communication became obvious when they both started trying to out talk each other about who was wrong and who was right. Tiny brushed it off as Zonnique getting to “that age” where she wants to challenge everything but that’s not healthy. We don’t want to see Nique Nique plastered all over Bossip in a few years, trying to get attention the wrong way so Tiny better get to the root of the problem now.