Reality TV Recap: Since When Was Ray J A Thug?

Something doesn’t sound right about Ray J being a former gangbanger but that’s what he wants folks to believe. He almost gave his mom a heart attack trying to convince her that he used to run the streets of Carson, California. Ray J and his father lived in Carson while Sonja Norwood was on the road with Brandy. For some strange reason, Ray J was compelled to go back to his old neighborhood and reminisce about his thugging days. He told his mom he used to sneak out of the house to run the streets with his boys claiming they were blood affiliated and that there were times when they handled guns.

Are you trying to stifle your laughter, too? It gets better. Sonja Norwood was so deeply disturbed by this that she burst into tears. She was upset that she was gone and felt that Willie Norwood Sr. should have done a better job with supervising Ray. When Ray saw how hard his mom took news of his teenage antics, he tried to soften the blow by saying, “We were bad, but we weren’t bad like some of the other kids in the neighborhood.” (*blank stare*) He also pointed out that he never went to jail and that the fact that they moved out of the hood is what saved his life. Again, this sounds like Ray J. is reaching. Plus, wasn’t he doing Moesha by the time he was 16? Riiiiiight. Do you sense some exaggeration here?

On a more positive note, Brandy and her mom went camping to get some mother/daughter time in but Shea tagged along. Despite Shea’s third-wheelism, Brandy and her mom managed to talk about the shortcomings in their relationship and Sonja even apologized for times when she may not have been there for Brandy like she should have—i.e., acted more like a mom than a manager. This was the first time they had a real talk without it turning into an argument and both agreed that this was the beginning of a new, more positive relationship. Hopefully they stay that way, because watching the mother daughter angst between them was depressing. Did they make a real break through, or will they revert back to old negative ways?