Reginae Not Allowed To Visit Wayne On Father’s Day, Says Toya

Ask any of Lil Wayne’s three baby mamas what they think about his paternal skills and you’ll receive the fixed answer: “He’s really great with his kids.” So then why is Weezy’s first child, 12-year-old Reginae Carter not allowed to visit her daddy on Father’s Day? 

“That’s no place for a kid to go,” says Wayne’s ex-wife LaToya Carter. “[Wayne and I] just decided not to let her go [to Riker’s Island] period. She’s never been. He makes sure he talks to his daughter everyday, talking and writing is enough.”

Though Wayne’s toothy-grinned daughter won’t be heading over the East River anytime soon—or ever—that doesn’t mean the father of four will be left empty-handed for the holiday.

“[Reginae’s] writing her father a letter and she took pictures for him. When I go visit, I’ll bring it to him,” says Toya. “We may spend [the day] with my father or just together.” —Tracy Garraud


Lil Wayne’s Baby Mamas

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