Stalker Alert: 4 Celebrities We Wish We Could Follow On Foursquare

In the June/July issue of VIBE, we talked to Tristan Walker, head of business development for social networking site Foursquare, about the role that celebrities will play in the growth of the company. Celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Diddy helped Twitter go from 0 to 60 (or, more appropriately, 0 to 4 billion, as in the number of tweets that were posted in the first quarter of 2010) in less than five years. So we wanted to know if Foursquare was planning to try the same approach.

Though he acknowledged that getting celebrities like Diddy could be beneficial to the company, he downplayed their importance. Here at VIBE, though, we think that getting a few more celebs involved might do wonders for the already-successful service. To show you why, we put together four fake celebrity Foursquare feeds to prove that they could help spice things up on the site. Check ‘em out. —Chris Yuscavage